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We are calling upon all well-wishers to join us in Helping 678 refugee children return to school with 142,328 US$. In this regard, one can sponsor a particular number of children by providing a total of 210$(USD) per child for a year.
More than 429000 families have fled from their native countries to Uganda for safety due to wars! And the primary example here is the Democratic Republic Of Congo which, by statistics, has the highest number of refugees due to many adverse fractionated movements such as ADF, CODECO, MAI MAI, and M23, among others that are operating just in Eastern DRC.
Refugees have lost all their resources and contacts back home and are getting very little support from a few supporting organizations due to the immense refugee population here in Uganda. They can hardly get enough support, making it very hard to sustain their children's education, making their young ones even more vulnerable.
And this means that children spend more time on the streets than at school, where they are exposed to sexual abuse, youth delinquency, trauma, HIV and other diseases. This situation leads to more insecurity, poor life and an uncertain future. One of the ways to reduce and avoid the uncertainties mentioned above is to devise means and have the children back to school by providing all requirements for their studies.
NDC is supporting 347 children who are victims of war through paying school fees, kits and food though this support is still very little compared to the number of needs. Since war is still in the DRC Congo, many refugees are fleeing to Uganda. New Dawn Charity is receiving a vast number of additional children at her office to seek help in the area of education support. In two weeks, the NDC office registered 331 children to join the 347 under her license.
New Dawn Charity is now collecting an amount of 142,328 USD to make sure it covers the needs of 678 innocent children who are victims of war to give them an opportunity for a better future.
This amount will cover school fees, kits, uniforms and food. It's divided as 210 USD per child this academic year. New Dawn Charity appreciates the contribution of each one with the willing heart to support these innocent and hopeless juveniles in the camp.