New Dawn Charity

Introduction of New Dawn Charity


New Dawn Charity

Our introduction

New Dawn Charity originated in the minds of group conversation of ugandans and refugees who felt that the vulnerable refugee children living in and out of refugee camps also have the right to education.

Our Mission

To restore hope of the vulnerable children who are victims of wars and equip them to become future leaders who will advocate for peace

Our Vision

Empower children who are victims of wars to become the future ambassadors of peace

Our Objectives

Promote and support vulnerable children victims of war through education support, socio-economic and mentorship skills.

Our Specific Objectives

1. To support both formal and non-formal education of refugees through provision of bursaries and basic scholastic materials.

2. To provide basic skills vocational training and all necessary support to refugees and the host families to enable start-up businesses for their self-sustenance.

3. To support refugees and the nearby communities access to clean and safe water for their improved hygiene and health.

4. To advocate for improved sexual-reproductive and general health of refugees and the nearby communities through providing preventative and treatment or curative services.

5. To educate refugees on the need to conserve the environment and encourage them to plant trees and use alternative energy sources.

6. To promote peace building and reconciliation among refugees through organizing conferences, workshops, sports, music, dance and drama events.

7. To provide emergency relief to refugees in form of food aid, drugs, shelter, and any other non-food items.

8. To provide psychosocial support and free legal services for refugees who have been traumatized and are seeking asylum.

Area Of Intervention

- Education and Skills Sponsorship (ESS).
- Health care, trauma healing and mentorship (HTM).
- Economic Sustainability (ES)


- Direct beneficiaries:
Children victim of war between 0 to 18 years old. Talented young people with any disability between 10 to 30 years old.
- Indirect beneficiaries:
Family living with children victims of war.

New Dawn Charity Team

List Our Team Members

Letisia Patrick

NDC CEO and Chairman

Didi Kavano

NDC Progam Manager

Munezero Jean Pierre

NDC HR and Admin

Sylvie Mpiga

NDC Logistic Manager

Zouzou Kazuba

NDC Finance Manager

Micheal Ssewamala

NDC MentalShip and Education

Safi Rachel

NDC Adviser and Foundraiser

Esther Mpiga

NDC Adviser and Foundraiser